Failed matric plans to run manhood school

AFTER failing matric four times, Limpopo's self-proclaimed kwasa kwasa king, Steven Maloabotsheba Sefofa, now wants to be a school principal.

Sefofa, 45, has applied to the House of Traditional Leaders for permission to run an initiation school in Bolobedu.

Sefofa has started preparations for the school on the Rasekgwala mountain.

Sefofa applied a fortnight ago for permission to run the school but has not yet received the thumbs up.

His school is supposed to open on June 14 - six days before schools close.

Only people with permits from the House of Traditional Leaders are allowed to run initiation schools. This is to stop the deaths of initiates.

In KwaMhlanga, Mpumalanga, eight boys died at an illegal initiation school this week. Fifteen others are recovering in hospital.

Sefofa is a member of a royal family - his father Jack was a chief in Mohlabaneng village.

He said: "My decision to open the school was informed by the rate of mashoboro (uncircumcised boys) who misbehave and terrorise communities because they do not know how to behave like men.

"Most crimes in communities, especially in the rural areas, are committed by people who were not taught about the passage into manhood and culture."

But going to initiation schools does not guarantee good behaviour.

"Some initiates drop out because they believe that they are already men."

Sefofa said initiation schools should teach cultural norms and practices.

"Boys should be taught discipline, respect and humanity," he said. "My intention is to ensure that most, if not all, young men undergo this passage to manhood."