Gauteng launches school bodies

GAUTENG MEC for education Barbara Creecy, pictured, launched the 2009 school governing body (SGB) elections last Saturday at Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg.

While some schools were excited by the news, others, mainly in the black townships, greeted the announcement of the SGB elections with indifference.

The elections are held every three years to help parents partner with teachers and principals to improve school governance.

The elections will start on June 1 and end at the end of the month.

"The success of the SGB elections is critical to improving our education system," said Creecy.

One township principal said SGBs only benefit white schools where the participants are educated.

"These SGBs have competent, dynamic parents who are active in fundraising, using school facilities.

"We don't have such resources and our SGBs are mostly semi-literates who expect a stipend."