Damn this foolish and arrogant man

THERE is an empty tin, one which I was told makes the most noise, that happens to be a member of the Swaziland parliament.

THERE is an empty tin, one which I was told makes the most noise, that happens to be a member of the Swaziland parliament.

His name is Timothy Myeni and he is reported to have ignorantly suggested that people living with HIV should be branded once their health status is confirmed.

This uncivilised idiot also happens to be a so-called leader of the gospel group popularly known as the Ncandweni Christ Ambassadors.

According to a report on the front page of the City Press at the weekend, this grossly irresponsible individual was quoted as saying: "Once someone tests positive for HIV they should be branded on the buttocks.

"Before having sex with anyone, people will have to check their partners' buttocks before proceeding."

There is not the shadow of a doubt in my infected mind that this nincompoop has brought the whole gospel music industry into disrepute.

I am certain that even God and His beloved son, Jesus Christ, is ashamed to be associated with an uncultured and insensitive lunatic such as this man.

There are world acclaimed, award-winning gospel groups, such as Joyous Celebration and the Soweto Gospel Choir, who are doing exceptional work in support of individuals and non-governmental organisations committed to alleviating the plight of millions of people living with HIV in our country.

But I am astounded by the deafening silence that has followed this man's untimely and selfish comments, particularly from the gospel industry itself.

Our government and the business community, on whom this particular group depends for their livelihood in terms of bookings and public appearances, must also be challenged to show their collective disapproval and unambiguous condemnation of such utterly preposterous and scandalous utterances.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation and all its radio stations must show unquestionable intolerance to reckless and thankless parasites such as Timothy Myeni.

At the end of the day it is the media that gives publicity and exposure to the insulting people such as this man.

It would be unforgivable for anyone of us, especially those who know and understand the traumatic and paralysing effect HIV visits on all our people, to remain silent as the dignity and the human rights of people living with HIV are trampled on with such impunity.

It is unimaginable and completely unforgivable that any public figure, especially one who depends on the general public that is generally facing the brunt of this incurable infection for his own upkeep, insulted our people as he has done.

An unforgettable message must be sent in an uncompromising manner and an example must be made to show that irresponsible misbehaviour such as he has ignorantly displayed will never be tolerated in a civilised and democratic country such as ours.

Our collective sacrifices cannot be undermined and no one must be allowed to trample on the millions of graves that are housing our people who have succumbed to the naked brutality of HIV-Aids.