Check Chev Aveo

COMING INTO PLAY: This machine has a big-car feel to it. Pic. Unknown.
COMING INTO PLAY: This machine has a big-car feel to it. Pic. Unknown.

TRYING to find a car that suits one's needs and pocket can be an exhausting exercise.

But there are many products available on the market with reasonable pricing.

One needs to be careful in choosing the right brand that will stand the test of time.

This is where the Chevrolet Aveo comes into play.

It is a car that comes from a rich heritage. The Aveo sedan and hatchback provide wide coverage of the small car-entry level segment that has matured significantly in recent years with buyers demanding ever-higher levels of sophistication and overall quality.

The 1,6L LS petrol on test is both economical and practical. The Aveo hatchback has a big-car feel to it.

Power comes from a 1,6L Ecotec engine with multi-port fuel injection, and four valves per cylinder.

Sophisticated electronic controls, including electronic throttle control, assist in achieving an effective balance between performance and economy.

As a product of the new generation Chevrolet global design philosophy, it is not surprising that the Aveo hatchback takes numerous styling cues from the popular Captiva SUV, the first true example of this new wave design process.

The most obvious of these is a large horizontally-split grille split by a body coloured horizontal element that carries the iconic Chevrolet emblem.

Side vents on each side of the grille provide a further bold accent.

Large wrap-around headlamps add to the dynamic appearance of the front end of the Aveo hatch.