Rebuild morality in our society

26 May 2009 - 02:00
By unknown

LET us rescue our nation's morality before it's too late!

LET us rescue our nation's morality before it's too late!

The article published in your paper dated May 25 titled "We're chilling - a pupil who often bunks classes told us to 'f... off'" should not be taken lightly.

It is saddening to learn that we still have pupils who are not keen to spend their valuable time in class in an effort to prepare themselves for a better future.

Is this perhaps encouraged by the manner in which most of the youth leaders conduct themselves in the eyes of the nation when they painfully exhaust freedom of expression and attack the elderly in an immorally, aggressive way?

I write this open letter to remind each and every member of our community that we are the future ancestors of the next generation.

This means that in everything we do we should always bear in mind that it will affect the next generation.

Is this how we want them to approach life when we don't lay the ground rules? We should all condemn these unfolding events and start to rebuild a good nation.

How do we expect the younger ones to do the right thing when we do not lead them by being good examples? I strongly challenge all of us to stand up and defend the morality in our society for the sake of our people!

Lentle Moripe, Pretoria