Private look at life of a president

What people don't know about Zuma -

What people don't know about Zuma -

"He loves traditional food and is a family man who loves playing football and boxing with the boys.

Why People Love Zuma -

"I think people love my dad because he is humble and big-hearted.

"He is always prepared to listen to other people's views before making a decision."

On how and why the family Supported Zuma -

"We knew he was not guilty. We never gave up and he inspired us by his strength and by not stressing about media reports."

On her Special Relationship with her Father -

"He has a special relationship with all of his kids. I think our relationship became stronger when my mom passed away and he played a mother's role in my life."

On Zuma's aspirations for his Kids -

"His big emphasis is education. He also wants a lawyer in the family.

On her future -

"I did a Marketing Diploma at Cape Tech but I never finished and I want to venture into business at some stage."