Zuma must uplift the poor rural people

Well done Msholozi but please don't forget the poor.

Today it feels good to be an African, as Thabo Mbeki once said in his speech.

Well done to Jacob "My President" Zuma and his party. My plea to the ruling party is that they don't turn a deaf ear to the cries of the people, especially in rural areas.

For a long time, people have waited for empty promises. Now is the time for the ANC to deliver on their manifesto. Some people are still sharing water with donkeys and baboons while our politicians turn a blind eye.

Some schoolchildren are still walking 20 to 30km to and from school. People in Limpopo's Tshirolwe, Matsa and Tshikuwi, to mention a few places, are still experiencing bad service delivery. Taps were installed 15 years ago, but there is still no water.

Zuma, as a man of the people who hails from poverty-stricken Nkandla, should know how tough and rough life is in rural areas. He should ensure that his term is marked by hard work, to improve the lives of ordinary South Africans.

The formation of Cope must be a wake-up call for the ANC. If they don't deliver, Cope or the DA might win in 2014. I support the ANC, but differ with them on the way they treat rural and poor people. I was born and bred in a rural area and know the pain people experience here.

Tshifhiwa Magadani, Tshirolwe Extension 2