He refuses to commit

I am 22 years old and in love with a man aged 24.

I am 22 years old and in love with a man aged 24.

We have been seeing each other for seven months. He refuses to say I am his girlfriend because he says he doesn't want to rush into a relationship. I am confused because everything between us is perfect.

I have told him that it makes me feel that he is keeping me there until a nicer or a more attractive woman comes his way. Am I wrong to want him to commit to me?

Unhappy, Germiston

You are not wrong to want a committed relationship, but perhaps he is just not ready.

If, as you say, your relationship is good, then maybe you need to be patient with him. It is impossible for me to tell, but things like having been hurt badly in the past or being unsure of what he wants in a relationship will make him wary of commitment.

However, if he is not giving you what you need out of the relationship, then maybe you should consider leaving him.

In the meantime, nurture your friendships and don't wait around for him to contact you.