slaying f1 demons

LONDON - A year on from what remains the greatest and cruellest day of his Formula One career, Force India's Adrian Sutil, pictured, is still haunted by memories of the Monaco Grand Prix.

This weekend, in his third appearance in the glamour event of the European season, the German may just have a chance to put them to rest.

Sutil was an astonishing fourth and heading for his team's first points last May when Ferrari's then-world champion Kimi Raikkonen shunted him out of the race with a few laps to go.

The 26-year-old, who had received more media coverage for his talents as the trained concert pianist son of professional musicians, did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He was elated to have made his mark after starting 18th on the grid and driving the race of his life on a track drying out after early rain; he was devastated to end the afternoon empty-handed.

"That was one of the best and worst moments, that's for sure," said Sutil.

Monaco is one of his favourite circuits and the German stood out there in his debut season with Spyker, Force India's predecessors, in 2007 when he was fastest in a wet practice session.

"With a little bit of rain again maybe we can do something really special," he said of this year's race. "I like challenges and this circuit is really a challenge because the streets are so narrow and there are barriers everywhere so every little mistake ends up in the wall." - Reuters