mosia to get job back

UNLAWFUL: Lebona Mosia. Cicra 2009. Pic.  Unknown.
UNLAWFUL: Lebona Mosia. Cicra 2009. Pic. Unknown.

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

The Johannesburg labour court has ordered the Mpumalanga government to reinstate a top official who took it to court for unfair dismissal.

The court ordered that Lebona Mosia, former head of communications, be reinstated after he had lodged a dispute against the government.

Mosia was charged with three counts of misconduct for violating procurement procedures involving a R1,8million sponsorshipcontract.

He was found guilty on June 5 last year by a government disciplinary committee and was dismissed by former director-general Khaya Ngema.

But Mosia insisted that he did not deserve to be dismissed and took the government to court, alleging unfair dismissal. He won the case.

He admitted that he had failed to follow supply chain management processes, but said he should have received a warning instead of being dismissed.

He also claimed that he had helped generate R45million worth of media exposure for Mpumalanga.

The court ruled that his dismissal was unlawful and that he be reinstated.

He should also be paid for the duration of his suspension.

Joy Letlonkane is at present acting Mpumalanga head of communications.

But Mighty Mgidi, acting Mpumalanga government director-general, said they would appeal against the judgment of the court.

"The government has decided to exercise its right and take the matter for review by the labour court.

"Mosia's representatives have been advised that he must not report for duty since the matter will be taken for review," Mgidi said.