DA leader will die a racist

Helen Zille is white trash. She must not be given the attention she enjoys so much.

She believes Africans are domestic workers and gardeners. This mindset, deeply rooted in her racist upbringing, will die with her. No amount of training, coaching or informing will change her thinking.

And she represents a huge percentage of South African whites who ridicule black people.

The white community is silent and passive about the insults at their new president, which proves Zille is speaking for them . The fact that the media raised her to the heights of a conqueror shows the bitterness and racism that is in the hearts of white South Africans.

They want black people to forgive and forget. To forget the hanging of the innocent, imprisonment, segregation, inferior education, killing of children, injustices, non-citizenship - the list is endless.

How ironic that her name does not depict what her namesake Helen Joseph stood for.

She is a shame to her people, her children, her white city of Cape Town. She shamelessly campaigned for our votes , using unspeakable vocabulary. She is a pathetic, vicious Chihuahua with no style or class. Ignore her. Let her chill. She is burning with anger after her dismal failure in the eight provinces .

Joyce Dube, Auckland Park