Zuma, ever the reconciler

From Poland I must congratulate Jacob Zuma for becoming the president of RSA. We have known one another for over 30 years, since our exile in Maputo in Mozambique in the 1970s.

Both of us had different visions of how South Africa should emerge politically and economically.

Sometimes we had bitter arguments, but Zuma was always the one who reached out a friendly hand to me. This he showed again during his state visit to Poland as deputy president in 2004.

I do believe he should play a bigger role economically and militarily in solving the problems in Africa.

I have lived in 27 African countries over the years and I am sure South Africa can play a big role in solving the continent's problems, like the EU in Europe and the US in the Americas.

I believe he will heal the country.

Hilton Hannibal, Lodz, Poland