The IFP is on the verge of being extinct

I'm a KwaZulu-Natal government employee and a staunch supporter of the IFP.

The recent radio statements by the IFP secretary general, Reverend Musa Zondi, in one of the SABC radio stations will not go unchallenged.

That the IFP Youth Brigade is crying foul as a result of some individuals who thought they were on their way to Parliament, is totally out and is uncalled for.

I was surprised to hear this idiotic statement from someone I have been admiring for years. The decline in IFP support is caused by its dictatorial leadership and the undermining of its youth wing.

I fail to understand why the IFP leadership disrespects its youth. It is these youths who, through Sadesmo, managed to win SRC elections in almost all schools of higher education in KwaZulu-Natal.

This shows a high level of capability in our youth, but it seems the top leadership does not realise this. It is puzzling and disgraceful that the IFP leadership disrespects the feelings and emotions of these young lions.

The insulting words used by Rev Zondi in vilifying the youth are unconstructive and unprecedented.

This rigid approach towards any move that is suggested by the youth to empower our party needs to be stopped.

Under the current leadership, the IFP will continue with its decline. In fact, as of now the party is already on the verge of becoming a political dinosaur.

Joe Dlamini, Durban