'Government needs strong ANC to deliver'

Ido Lekota

Ido Lekota

The ANC believes that President Jacob Zuma's government will not deliver on the promises made to the electorate unless he is assisted by a very strong ruling party.

ANC spokesperson Lindiwe Zulu told Sowetan yesterday that "only a strong ANC that has the capacity to hold those in government accountable could lead to service delivery".

Zulu also promised that Zuma would spend more time in the country to ensure that he maintained contact with the communities that the ANC had made promises to.

"We understand that he also has an international agenda but we expect him to be more domestically focused because he must be there to monitor and evaluate whether the commitments made in the election manifesto are implemented," she said.

Zulu explained that Zuma's office at Luthuli House should have the capacity to ensure that such monitoring took place.

She also pointed out that only a strong ANC national executive committee could hold ANC members deployed in government accountable.

She said the Minister in the Presidency responsible for monitoring and evaluation, Collins Chabane, was an NEC member "who should be reporting to a strong ANC structure that can hold him accountable".

"We are not talking about micro-managing comrades but we need accountability because previously we had ANC members who were deployed in government and ended up using the resources they had access to to undermine the party.

"It became a case of the tail wagging the dog."

Political analyst Aubrey Matshiqi agreed that Zuma should not be seen as "a foreign relations president".