Residents want out of Tzaneen municipality

Michael Sakuneka

Michael Sakuneka

Residents of Matipane village in ward 1 of the Tzaneen municipality want to be incorporated into the Greater Letaba municipality .

Residents told the Mopani district delegation at a community meeting on Friday at Mokwakwaila that they want the mayor, Joshua Matlou, to take up their issue with the demarcation board.

Residents spokesman Nagwako Maunatlala said the Tzaneen municipality did not provide them with services.

He said they were at the bottom of the the municipal budget each year.

Maunatlala also accused the Tzaneen municipality of tribalism, claiming that most of the services were diverted to Maake and Ritavi areas, which include NkowaNkowa and Lenyenye townships.

He also accused mayor Othaniel Mushwana of ignoring their invitations to address their concerns.

He alleged that a high percentage of senior management positions in the municipality were occupied by Tsonga-speaking people.

Meanwhile, Mopani district mayor Matlou promised residents that the municipality would address the issue.

He urged residents to raise issues of concern with their local municipalities, councillors and ward committee members.