Helen and Julius both wrong

Helen Zille is becoming very rude in her attacks on President Jacob Zuma .

I believe that his wives had to deal with a lot of pain because of everything that happened during the rape trial and do not need Zille to rub salt into their wounds.

I also believe that as a family they would have sat down and resolved their differences.

I believe Zuma apologised to his wives for putting them at risk and that they have dealt with the matter in their own way. So I do not understand why Zille is going on about it so much.

As the opposition DA and Western Cape leader Zille should focus on why the government is not delivering on its promises and not on the president's personal life.

Julius Malema, as much as I understand where he is coming from in trying to defend our president by insulting Zille, is also wrong.

Two wrongs do not make a right. A person can be firm and criticise another person without hurling insults.

Zille is out of line and so is Malema - for insulting and lashing out at Zille. Is this personal or is it supposed to be a political issue?

I liked the response, or no response, of no comment from the president's office about the issue.

Mr President, continue maintaining your dignity.

Vicky Malele, Jabulani Flats