Male cabinet of puppets

Sowetan's interview with Helen Zille shows how naïve some people can be.

Zille called Jacob Zuma "a self-confessed womaniser with deep, sexist views and who put all his wives at risk when he had unprotected sex with an HIV-positive woman".

Zille was supposed to answer a question posed to her about her all-men cabinet .

It has been said that some women become big-headed when promoted to senior positions and they will do anything in their power to stop other women to achieve the same success they've achieved. They feel threatened, it is said.

Zille calls Zuma sexist, but she does not think other women deserve higher positions. Education MEC Donald Grant was quoted as saying that he had to do an online crash-course on education after hearing of his appointment. Is Zille surrounding herself with puppets who will toe the line and agree to everything she says?

I saw this happening on election day when her husband followed her like a lost puppy. I am yet to hear a clear response from her as to why she chose an all-men cabinet?

I don't believe women should be elected for the sake of gender equality, but surely some women in Western Cape qualify. Zuma' s cabinet is balanced with all races (blacks, Afrikaners, Coloureds and Indians.

Solomon Bokaba, Soshanguve