DA just politicking over JZ

Could someone out there make me understand why the DA abstained from choosing the country's president last week in Parliament?

I know it was their constitutional right to do so but I think if they considered none of the nominated leaders as suitable candidates, they should have nominated someone else.

I have deduced the following about the DA and I believe it is not far-fetched, given the party's history.

Firstly, the party overwhelmingly agreed that President Jacob Zuma was the ideal candidate, but just did not want to publicly show their support for him by voting for him, in case that alienated and angered most of their white extremist supporters.

Secondly, they wanted to reserve the right to racially disparage and disrespect any person elected as the country's president without any guilt at knowing that theytook part in his election.

Lastly, and more plausibly, that as a racist white party, the DA simply does not believe that any black person is capable of successfully running the country.

This was shown by their behaviour towards all the democratically elected presidents.

Whatever their intentions, the DA must rest assured it will be exposed.

Buhlebentoyonk'entle Chagi, Mowbray