French bubbly an insult to SA

Way to go, ANC. Show the world and the nation how quickly you can move from the gravy train to the champagne route of France.

Who was the brainbox who planned the inauguration? What happened to Buy South African? Is our sparkling wine not good enough? Were they trying to impress foreign dignitaries?

At R1899 the price of a bottle of French champagne is enough to feed a family for a week. How many bottles did they drink? How much went to waste? Foreign guests would have been more impressed by something a little more frugal, especially keeping in mind the global economic difficulties. How was this allowed?

This is one act of idiocy that cannot be blamed on President Jacob Zuma. I hope he enjoyed the bubbly and didn't know what he was drinking. I wish him and his new Cabinet the very best and hope that they rule well this country, which for quite some time has been sliding into decay and ruin. May they be supported by intelligent and well-informed advisors who have the wellbeing of the country and her citizens at heart and not line their own pockets first.

My son left in 1986 because of the previous government , but since 1994 thousands of young people have left because of this government.

Silent Observer, Klerksdorp