Big brother H3 to the rescue

Motoring Reporter

Motoring Reporter

There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for General Motors SA if their latest addition - the Hummer H3 V8 - is anything to go by.

Last week saw the local launch of the H3 V8, a clear sign that GMSA is not prepared to give up the fight to stay top of the luxury vehicle market even in the current economic situation. Under the bonnet of the new H3 V8 lies a powerful 5,3L V8 engine.

The new vehicle also comes with body modifications to cater for the powerful engine.

The front section of the vehicle has been redesigned to fit in with the new shape. The engine compartment of the H3 V8 has also been enhanced - a special oil pan was designed to ensure constant oil pressure when driving on steep roads.

An improved steering system enhances on-road feel and off-road reliability. A cast-iron front differential case has replaced the aluminium one to better handle torque output.

New engine mounts, a thicker front prop shaft, higher torsion bar rates to support increased mass and specific shock valving, are all unique to the H3 V8. The H3 V8 will be available in Adventure and Luxury specification models. The Luxury model gets goodies like chrome wheels. The Luxury 2009 H3 3,7 will cost from R495250.