No protection from brutal cops

I am highly depressed by the latest story of an assault on a social worker at the Pretoria offices of the Department of Social Development by police officers in Sunnyside during a stop-and-search operation in the city.

Many similar incidents have previously been documented where law enforcers from Sunnyside police station continue to subject ordinary people to assault and humiliation.

Not long ago, officers attacked aPretoria News photographer who was taking pictures of them assaulting a suspect.

It is a travesty of law and order if police officers disrespect the Constitution and unless something drastic is done to stop this behaviour, the name of the police service will continue to be blemished.

There are good and honest officers in the police service and it is unfortunate that a few rotten apples constantly give them all a bad name.

This is awful and absurd to say the least. Why do these officers have to beat up suspects? Why do they seem to harass the people they should be protecting?

This is police brutality and has no place in our democratic setting.

Let this case never disappear from the public eye like many others did. The time to stop this rot is now.

Percy Sepaela, Sunnyside