Knowledge from Africa

Book: African Wisdom

Book: African Wisdom

Authors: Heinrich Claassen and Lanette Hattingh

Publisher: PMG

Reviewer: Victor Mecoamere

This handbook might look innocuous to the casual observer, and more so to someone who might still be taking African wisdom for granted.

But, to those for whom nips or heaps of African wisdom matter most, this is an addition to the mammoth repository of knowledge.

Especially knowledge and wisdom that Africans have learnt from their entrenched, and almost intimate affinity with nature, particularly the relationship with fellow beings, chiefly the animals.

The authors open with an apt assertion that animals on the African plain have a lot to teach us, from the smallest dung beetle to the mighty elephant.

They add fittingly that animals seem to have struck a balance and live their lives with wisdom and dignity, and then encourage us to look to the animals on the African plain for ancient, natural wisdoms.

The authors use a wise observation from motivational speaker, mentor, coach and personal goal-setting guru David Molapo .