Good service is hard to find

The closest thing to looking for a needle in a haystack is trying to find good service in the Tshwane municipality.

Over three months I had three bad experiences that made me think they have probably never heard of Batho-Pele.

First I visited a sick grandmother at the George Mukhari Hospital.

I found the old lady (90) trembling in her bed with her drip having fallen off.

The nurses on duty were having a chat and gave me a dirty look. One finally gave me a dismissive: "We'll see."

A few weeks later I went to the municipal traffic offices to ask for a patrol for a family funeral.

The smug police chief said he could not help. Okay, then we'd have to organise some marshals to help...

No ways, said the cop, "It's against the law."

A while later I go to the Silverton traffic department to pay for a car's licence plate.

Signs all over say they close at 3pm and I arrive at 2.15pm. While I stand in the queue an official comes and tells us that the queue is now "closed".

A white woman explains that they can't help it. The computers are slow.

That after I had spent the morning at a function where executive mayor Glen Ramokgopa told us what wonderful things her council was doing.

Charles Mogale, De Deur