Mkhize must appoint skilled MECs for KZN

Now that KwaZulu-Natal has Zweli Mkhize as premier, we are confident that he will surround himself with skilled men and women as MECs.

They must deliver on the ruling party's election manifesto. Mkhize, place food security at the top of your agenda. Our health service needs closer attention, and so does our education system.

The people of this province did not vote for the ANC because Jacob Zuma is Zulu. They voted because they were adequately consulted and intimately involved in the election manifesto.

The ANC's election manifesto will now become a people's document which Mkhize and his team must implement on behalf of the province.

The province will be waiting patiently as the ruling party has not disappointed them in the past.

The ANC has delivered and people's lives have changed for the better since the first general election in 1994.

The provincial government must communicate with the public about the successes and failures of its programmes. We cannot expect opposition parties and the media to play that role - we expect it from the leadership.

The people elected this political organisation to handle the welfare of the nation because of its principled stand of transforming this deeply divided nation. Constant contact with the electorate will eradicate suspicion and promote transparency.

Bafana Mkhize, Clermont