'It may be for the good'

Edward Tsumele and Patience Bambalele

Edward Tsumele and Patience Bambalele

Gospel music producer Tshepo Ndzimande said: "Whether Sowetan moves or not, the newspaper will remain a platform for the entertainment industry."

Socialite and businesswoman Uyanda Mbuli said: "Welcome to the north Sowetan, the part of my world.

"I know that the paper shares a lot of values with a lot of people because of its history. But this is the time for change and to be at the centre of entertainment, which happens to be in the north near malls and other modern facilities," she said.

Actress Sophie Ndaba said: "I think change of whatever nature is good in general, and Sowetan has been at 61 Commando Road for too long and being in a comfort zone is not a good thing.

"I think the motivation for the move should mean growth from a business perspective." .

Princess of Africa Yvonne Chaka Chaka said: "If by moving it is good for business, hopefully it will result in better staff salaries.

"What would be a worst case scenario would be closing down, particularly during these hard times," she said.

Top comedian Joe Mafela hoped by moving to Rosebank the newspaper was not going to move even further away fromSoweto in future. We are used to it being at Commando Road.

"I knew Sowetan when it was at Industria, long before it even moved to 61 Commando Road. We used to go there and give our stories to the paper, after which we would have fun.

"That was when Moerane [MT] was editor and the paper was called The World before it changed to Sowetan for political reasons."

Shobeni Khuzwayosaid: "I accept Sowetan's move because I think there are reasons behind that. What I know is that we will continue working together because we need each other."

Jazz diva Thandi Klassen , who became very emotional said: "Everyone is entitled to do what he/she wants. If Sowetan wants to move it's fine. However, I will never forget that Sowetan fought the struggle with us. When we did well overseas it was the first paper to feature our stories."

Musician Linah Khama said: "I will never forget where my career was kick-started. It was 61 Commando Road."

Maskandi singer Thokozani Langa said: "What we enjoyed about Sowetan being here was that it was accessible.."