Obama is no different from past presidents

The attempt to posture US President Barrack Obama's first 100 days in office in a positive light in contrast to George Bush's administration is nothing but an illusion.

American policy has essentially remained the same for decades now; invading foreign lands, occupation, setting up corrupt, puppet regimes and the exploitation of their resources.

Obama's promise to withdraw troops from Iraq is a red herring. He will leave 3000 troops in Iraq to man its huge military bases and support the corrupt regime, while the remaining troops will be deployed to Afghanistan and Pakistan in pursuance of its warmongering ambitions.

Obama's much extolled announcement to close Guantanamo Bay, where hundreds of prisoners languish without being charged, only means their transfer to other prisons elsewhere. Those guilty of torture techniques have been granted amnesty.

In the meantime the innocent continue to be mowed down by American drones spewing bombs indiscriminately, with the Pentagon making unverifiable claims that Taliban "militants" have been killed. When news media challenge this false claim with pictures of wedding parties or children as victims, endless "investigations" take place.

The US continues to shore up dictatorships, particularly in the Middle East, and sidelines democratically-elected governments such as Hamas.

Firoz Osman, Media Review Network, Tshwane