Nurses get their goods at last

Three nurses finally received their goods after Meddy Katwala of New Cook Tech agreed to deliver their cook-ware last Saturday.

Three nurses finally received their goods after Meddy Katwala of New Cook Tech agreed to deliver their cook-ware last Saturday.

The nurses bought the wares worth R50000, which includes interest, in November but had been battling to get delivery until Consumer Line stepped in.

It took 48 hours for Katwala to deliver their goods to them after Consumer Line contacted him.

Matilda Ndebele said they were visited by an agent representing New Cook Tech in November last year.

The agent told them it was their December special and the wares came with a free water purifier, she said.

The agent told them they would receive the goods within two weeks and the nurses did not hesitate to complete the forms, allowing New Cook to apply for loans on their behalf and for their banks to debit their accounts in monthly instalments of R750 each for two years.

"I was impressed by their wares and agreed to buy a convection oven which was sold for R7995," Ndebele said.

Ndebele said women sometimes liked to show off their cookware and dinner sets and she was going to flaunt what she had bought her stokvel last December.

"I only received the water purifier in January this year, and it was after I wrote a cancellation letter and demanded a refund of the first instalment they had received from my bank," she said.

Modiehi Moloi also received her convection oven last Saturday.

"I was relieved to get them after a long struggle," said a thankful Moloi.

She started paying for her wares in December and was concerned that the company's financier, Real People, did not provide her with a pre-agreement contract reflecting the loan amount she would pay in two years.

"Their agent told us he did not know who gave the go ahead, 'because I did not'," Moloi said.

Philisiwe Masengemi said if she had known there would be hassles she would have bought the laptop she ordered somewhere else for a cheaper price.

Masengemi said she specifically told the agent she would prefer to enter into a six-month agreement rather than pay her laptop over two years with accumulated interest.

"The agent chose to do his own thing and I now I have to pay twice as much," said Masengemi.

Katwala said the wares they bought were on special and they ran out of stock.

He said they had to order them from their overseas supplier who could not deliver on time.

"The truck drivers were also on strike last week and this made it impossible for us to deliver," said Katwala.

Before agreeing to deliver their wares an unapologetic Katwala said the media would not help them get their goods.

"I am not the only one who cannot meet the deadline, the government too has failed to meet its deadline," Katwala said.