Now is good time to buy a vehicle

GONE:During the update, General Motors is expected to explain why it has discontinued the Opel Astra range.
GONE:During the update, General Motors is expected to explain why it has discontinued the Opel Astra range.

Phuti Mpyane

Phuti Mpyane

Watching the entire elections drive recently, the patriot in me couldn't help but be proud and satisfied that yes, there is progress in this country.

But the budding champ of the motoring industry in me couldn't cast my eyes away from that main vote count board, the centrally placed one with red fonts.

The numbers it reflected understandably brought sadness and shock for some and elation for others.

I couldn't stop thinking that right there, in the epicentre of the elections euphoria, the Independent Electoral Commission was showing us at least 14million potential car buyers, all at the legal age to have a driver's licence.

The task for dealers and car makers is to track them down, sell to them and get this industry back to its former robust self. Again, casting the net wider in the automotive industry, news from the US is that Chrysler and Fiat have now finalised their new alliance.

Details are still sketchy on how exactly what will go where, especially when it comes to the local setup of these two giants.

In a few days time I will have the pleasure of sitting with General Motors South Africa big chief Steve Koch at an event aimed at giving industry journalists an update on the company's local and international operations, and naturally, to be asked questions.

Now, I believe that you, the reader and GM customer, rightly deserve that seat of mine to put your mind at ease about any issues that you may have.

So, we will give readers a chance to draw up a question, send it to us, and we can post it to Koch personally and give feedback in next week's issue.

Quickly, before we forget, we've just had another 100 basis points cut and this is great for improved car finance deals accepted.

Recently dealers made available Easter specials and many of them actually run into the new month of May, where hopefully they will reduce more for Mother's Day specials. Get there as quickly as possible.

Remember a car that's expensive now will be more expensive down the road as price increases are still very much a reality.

SMS your questions for Steve Koch to 082-725-1450

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