Motorola, Beckham team up

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

David Beckham, whose exploits on the soccer field have become legendary, charted another milestone when he teamed up with Motorola on what is going to be known as the Aura of David Beckham.

The "Aura of David Beckham" advertising campaign celebrates its hand-crafted luxury phone - a celebration of the international success of the ultimate luxury handset, AuraT, Motorola (NYSE: MOT). To mark this auspicious moment, a new photo shoot with one of the world's most stylish icons, Beckham, was commissioned.

Inspired by a modern interpretation of classical renaissance sculpture, combined with the beauty, power and craftsmanship of the Aura phone, the image showing the intricate workings of Beckham as never seen before, has been launched as part of a global advertising campaign from the end of last month.

Shot in downtown Milan by celebrated Hollywood director Anthony Mandler, the final result, following some post production technical wizardry, captures the essence of imagination and craftsmanship of Aura perfectly.

The image details the balance between the design and function of the human form vs mechanical devices revealing the inner power and beauty of Beckham and Aura.

Motorola's new phone is a celebration of artistry and design, inspired by luxury time pieces, and features Swiss-made bearings with over 200 individual components in a stainless steel, hand-sculpted body.

The circular screen, the first of its kind for any mobile phone, displays a brilliant 16 million colours in 300dpi on a 62-carat sapphire cut lens - one of the most scratch resistant materials on earth.

The refinement of the handset is something that impressed Beckham who said: "Motorola always seem to come up with something different, a concept that no one else has, and they've certainly done that again with Aura."

He added: "I love classic watches, so a phone that exposes its mechanics while also being so stylish is really unique. When you hold it, it feels like you have something really special in your hand."