Do not deny race, tribes and class

The election period has once again exposed the deep divisions entrenched in this country. During the elections the race, tribal and class card was used to woo voters. And we have allowed that to be the status quo without worrying about the long-term implications.

We do not want a country that is a bastion of racism, discrimination and ethnocentrism. Then why do we always invoke the race or ethnic card when we want to achieve a particular objective? Elections are over, but racial and tribal slurs continue unabated in discussions and blogs. Insults are thrown from left to right and people call each other names.

The deepening of democracy does not lie in getting to the polls only, but in how responsibly we do so and in what we do thereafter.

We cannot afford to have strained relations in a country that is inherently divided. Achieving social cohesion is more important than going to the polls . The value of the vote lies in the ability of people to function as one.

The government has avoided to address race for a while and it is no shock that the UN Durban Review Conference has become a farce.

Going forward for the new administration, addressing racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia should be at the forefront.

Major Kobese, Braamfontein