Child of new South Africa

They say I'm not South African,

They say I'm not South African,

they say I come from Europe,

but flower, to me, means protea,

much more than dainty tulip.

For all my lack of history,

South Africa's my place:

her statesmen, sports and jollities,

are those whose paths I trace.

I eat potjiekos and koeksisters;

mieliemeal, not maize.

A taxi means a minibus,

with crazy, weaving ways.

Wolves and deer are mythical,

at least from far-off lands:

elephants and aardvark,

roam my mental plains and sands.

My money's made of rands and cents,

my rugby team's the Bokke,

so with my land proudly I pray.

Sikel'iAfrica. - By Charlotte Hillebrand, who featured in the poetry category, for contestants aged between 16 and 19.