Kaos snuggles in and chooses his scarves

The entertainment world is a cold one.

The entertainment world is a cold one.

One day you are considered hot and at the toss of a coin you're relegated to being yesterday's news. Kaos Mncedi can proudly say that he has not only survived 15 years in the industry but he has also enjoyed it.

Having started when he was 14, he has grown to become an insert director and presenter of the popular TV show Selimathunzi - one of the longest-running TV programmes in the country.

After hosting it for 10 years, he is a warm and familiar face for the show's many loyal fans.

Unlike others who tell tales of having dreamt of being on TV ever since they were children, Kaos insists that it was not a dream come true for him.

"I didn't have a career plan. I just wanted to get educated."

Despite having dedicated most of his life to television, Kaos admits that he is not a fan of TV.

"You get a lot done if you don't have a TV. You travel more if you don't have one, whereas it gets too easy to spend the whole weekend in front of the TV.

"Every year they say, 'this year's winter will be the worst'," he says, chuckling at the changing of the seasons. Despite the cold weather he has endured on his many travels, he confesses that he is not a fan of scarves.

"I have two scarves but I've never used them. I'm sure I will use them this year - I say that every year though."

The first scarf he tries is striped with the rich colours of autumn. "This one looks funky. It looks hippyish."

The second scarf was from Woolworths. "This one looks like it's the favourite scarf your grandmother knitted for you. It would be cool if it had a zip though."

The third scarf put to the test is a Thermalator Scarf from Cape Union Mart. "This is a heavy duty scarf. It's quite functional and soft but it's not funky." He playfully wraps it around his head and pretends to be braving the merciless winds of the Cape. Once he's got himself snuggled in, he says: "It will keep you warm."

The final scarf is from Sportscene. "It's far too light, especially considering the price. It just looks like a piece of left-over material from the factory."

So which of these scarves will convert him into a scarf-lover?

"The one from Cape Union Mart is the warmest and thickest, but the Woolworths one looks the best. - Keitumetse Segoai