UCKG has saved many lost lives

Sowetan's obsession with the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God is becoming irksome. It is like reading one of those cheap tabloids.

Your reports have too many contradictory and unbelievably biased allegations.

How can a church "force" anyone to quit his job and "give up" everything they had?

I am a UCKG church member and I know that no one is forced to do anything, besides doing the work of God.

Even the journalist would know that the work of God is a calling, unless he is obsessed with destroying the image of the church.

The UCKG, by the power of God, has rebuilt many destroyed lives. We've seen beggars become prosperous business people, hopelessly sick people become well and glorifying God and addicts and prostitutes become respectful people of God.

If you call this ruining people's lives, because you only heard a one-sided story, then your paper is biased and becoming a cheap tabloid indeed.

Many pastors have been removed from doing the work of God because of misconduct and misusing offerings and tithes.

You can feed your readers biased information, but not the members of the church because we know the truth.

I feel sorry for your journalist, but remember, if you throw stones, you must make sure that your house is made of sterner stuff.

Abram Mahlaba, Pretoria