Poor resources held back Azapo

Zamikhaya Maseti in Sowetan's Frank Talk on April 24 left a sour taste in my mouth. The column was a manifestation of utter ineptitude and bigotry, devoid of truth and full of gimmicks and mendacity.

Maseti made a scathing attack on Azapo for its poor showing in the elections. He blamed Azapo for manifestos and ideologies that are unpalatable and unclear and for acting like a non-governmental organisation by standing on the sidelines.

But he ignored the almost insurmountable challenges that afflict Azapo. Azapo's Strike Thokwane was right when he said the party had done reasonably well given its measly budget .

Maseti portrays Azapo as a bunch of fools. Had Azapo had the requisite resources and these were put to good use, the party could have done better. It is not that people do not agree with Azapo, but most people do not know what it has to offer and therefore won't vote for the party.

The SABC also did not do Azapo any good.

Azapo and the PAC must be affirmed and economically empowered as black entities that were historically disadvantaged. If the government can bail out companies, why can't it do the same for these liberation movements? With the impending government, anything is possible.

Chris Mogami, Pretoria