Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Like the phoenix rising from the fabled ashes, Harare, the middle name in cool soul, will come together to do what is now known as their legendary signature performances.

The elegant and streetwise gentlemen of music, who were once the toast of showbiz and women's palpitating hearts, will take discerning lovers back to the days when they packed stadiums and wore next to nothing.

But this time around, with a bit of maturity on their side, the once hot and hip outfit will be strutting their stuff at the Oude Meester Ekurhuleni Comes Alive at the Birchwood hotel in Boksburg next Friday May 8 at 7.30pm.

In case you are not familiar with their varied and catchy collection of songs, be prepared to boogie to Give, Harare, Genesis, Kalahari Rock, Party, Musikana and Theba Ka Moo.

Harare, the group that rocked the party, was made up of Om Alec Khaoli, Masike Funky Mohapi, Oupa Segwai and Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse.

Thelma Segone, the first pianist of African origin in a glam band, unfortunately died, years after the demise of founder member Selby Ntuli.

The sleek Charlie Ndlovu has been rehearsing with Harare though he is not fit as a fiddle these days.

They are hoping and praying that he will be joining them for the highly anticipated show next Friday.

As if that is not enough, the group formerly known as the Beaters, who changed their name after a stint in Zimbabwe's Harare, will bring their charismatic and brilliant best-dressed front man, Mabuse, to belt out a few songs.

The man comes highly recommended thanks to his prowess on the drums that saw him named "Hotstix".

Itching to prove his multitalented approach to music, he soon expanded his horizon to the saxophone, earning himself yet another name - "Hotsax!"

An evening of legends and big names of yesterday that are being shunned though still oozing the same amount of talent and passion, the audience will chill to the electric and athematic tunes by Condry Ziqubu, who was later christened Skorokoro after one of his mega hits.

This man was extremely bad in the 1980s. It seemed like everything he touched just rendered the cash register almost malfunctional by constantly being on the ringing side.

He evoked sing-alongs with his athematic mega hits such as Skorokoro, Yello Mealie and others.

Matured and now a producer and businessman of note, he brings along the Brass Band he has nurtured into a brilliant outfit. Music lovers will reminisce with his captivating repertoire while sitting back to admire his touch work wonders for his brass band.

The festivities go on at the Jazz Evening in its eighth year and still going strong.

Guests will melt to the sumptuous three-course meal that is accompanied by a complimentary bottle of Oude Meester and red and white wine.

They will also thrill to the many prizes up for grabs.

For a stroll into the culturally heady 1980s, break the winter spell by basking in the warm sounds of Harare and Ziqubu.