Garden and home happening

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

We all sometimes run out of inspiration and ideas for our homes. This is when exhibitions such as this year's Garden and Home Expo come in handy.

"Just like fashion, home decor is a work in progress that never ends and for a good reason. There's nothing more gratifying than to stay in touch with your own home and seeing the results every day," says furniture and accessories designer Nthabiseng Mofokeng.

You'll find a wide variety of home and decor distributors at the Garden and Home Expo.

These range from electronics to floors to gardens. There's also a rising collection and demonstration of gadgets and gizmos available for those who prefer making their own home accessories.

Places such as the Garden and Home Expo are brilliant in that you get to see new trends, find exclusive products and even meet decor artists and designers.

My new obsession with this exhibition is the garden section, where you also get new ideas, crash courses, check out demonstrations and become totally inspired. Customers have spoils in this area.

Professionals will provide advice on how to make your own ponds, keep kois and add water features to your garden.

"Customers are often taken aback when we demonstrate to them just how easy it is to maintain such gardens and the many choices they have," says Sizwe Mabuya, a landscape artist who will be among those giving expert garden advice.

"It has been our experience that there is a tremendous amount of total nonsense surrounding the alternative styled gardening. Thankfully that is all changing as people become more and more educated about the many available choices, but there is still too much ignorance that leads to unnecessary waste and anxiety," says Mabuya.

But more than just showing off just how easy everything is, the Garden and Home Expo still shows the latest trendiest decor culture there is out there.

"It's like Fashion Week for your home if you like," says garden and home decor enthusiast Ethel Sehere.

This exhibition takes place between tomorrow and Sunday from 10am till 6pm every day at the Emperors Palace.