Parties to recycle posters

Luzuko Pongoma

Luzuko Pongoma

Recycling is the buzz word as political parties have only four days to remove campaign posters that have flooded the street lights before the elections or face a penalty from the municipality.

City of Johannesburg spokesperson Virgil James said the city by-laws governing outdoor advertising state that political parties should remove campaign posters within 10 days after the elections.

"If political parties do not remove the posters the council will remove these, and the costs thereof will be borne by the respective party," he said.

He said the penalty would be based on the type and number of posters or banners removed.

James said the intention was to keep the city clean and free up space for further advertising within the stipulations of bylaws.

ANC spokesperson Lindiwe Zulu said that the party was getting ready to remove all its posters around the country.

"We will recycle them. But the hard boards will be brought back to us. We will use them in the municipal elections," she said.

She said that some posters would be auctioned because they had sentimental value.

"Our posters have different messages and people have asked to keep them," she said.

Cope spokesperson Sipho Ngwema said they would use the hard boards for the next elections.

DA campaign manager Dots Corrigan said that after taking the posters down the party would take them to a warehouse in Pinetown in KwaZulu-Natal.

"We keep our posters there so that we can re-use them," she said.