Jokers take small screen by storm

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

Mzansi stars, particularly comedians and musicians, are becoming a hit with the country's leading soapies and are increasingly featured, acting as themselves.

A few years ago it was musician Speedy who made his debut on the youth soapie Backstage. Last week the country's leading house music master DJ Cleo was featured on Rhythm City acting as Cleo. This was his acting debut.

In recent weeks on Isidingo, David Kau, Kagiso Lediga and Tumi Morake have all enchanted viewers.

But soapie fans who had hoped to continue seeing their favourite comedians on the small screen will have to wait for some time.

"We shot the three popular comedians for our election story on Len's show called On the Edge.

They came in as themselves and they wrote their own scripts. It was a once-off appearance for now," said Isidingo publicist Nyagunda Chauke yesterday.

Morake, one of the most talented young comedians making the nation laugh at itself, said it was "kind of weird" to be on the soapie.

"But I had a great time having an opportunity to comment about the elections without being censored. I was relaxed and the Isidingo team was great to work with. Given the opportunity I would do it again," said Morake.

Kau said: "It was really funny but I felt I was not given enough opportunity to tell all the jokes I had prepared, and that is the worst thing that can happen to a comedian. I would do it again since it gives me an opportunity to be closer to my fans."