Biased reports gives church bad image

Cecil Motsepe is biased in his articles dated 20 March and 17 April 2009.

What is interesting is that he chooses to publish on Fridays so that people, and in particular Universal Church members, do not have a chance to respond immediately.

Motsepe says he attended the Brixton branch service on 20 March at 9.30. The pastor was emphasising "give and you will be blessed".

Did he hear the pastor saying offering is an obligation ? The answer is a big no! On 17 April he wrote: "Pastors are advised to do vasectomies."

Is it compulsory? No!

Offering and tithe is used to save many souls that are lost through evangelism using universal news, radios, TV and opening new branches

The church's ethical code of conduct emphasises discipline, honesty, morality, open- ness and transparency.

The disgruntled pastors failed dismally and are now trying to find excuses.

In future, gather more facts from both sides. As a new subscriber to your newspaper, I have decided not to extend my subscription when it expires because of your biased comments.

I challenge you to organise a public debate between the church and so-called aggrieved pastors and bishops and publish the debate.

May God bless you, allSowetan staff and their families.

Julius Dalton Sadiki,