And behold, Msholozi marches in

Don Makatile

Don Makatile

No one in modern history has epitomised victimhood as much as president-in-waiting Jacob Gedleyehlekisa Zuma, pictured.

He's elevated being wronged into an art-form and it has shocked only a handful of people, the Helen Zille-led DA among these. He has been rewarded with not only the leadership of the party but with Wednesday's election of the entire country.

It is not easy to draw a pencil ring around the date on which his woes began - whether it was the sentencing of Schabir Shaik or his axing by Thabo Mbeki, but there is no doubt about the date of his crowning - when the ANC convincingly won the fourth general election.

The elevation of Zuma started when former president Thabo Mbeki threatened to dig his grave by telling members that Zuma's dismissal from cabinet would not be discussed at a NWC meeting in 2006. Mbeki was forced to eat his words as members forced a debate on the matter.

On April 6 when acting NPA boss Mokotedi Mpshe announced to a nationwide audience of friend and foe that it was "neither possible nor desirable" to prosecute the much maligned Zuma, those who followed him through the courts for eight long years saw this as, in a phrase, the quiet before the storm.

Victory to them was Zuma as president, in keeping with a popular struggle song chanted outside the courts where he'd appeared through the years.

The Zuma camp as early as the quashed rape trial in April 2006 knew that their man was on course for the Number One position in the country.

That he was even charged with the rape of an HIV-positive daughter of a former comrade was a mere hiccup that could only serve to strengthen the theory that there existed a conspiracy against Zuma.

Another hiccup was to come earlier this year when Judge Chris Nicholson's ruling was set aside, "opening the way for Mr Zuma's trial to be resumed, just months before the general elections".

Nicholson had earlier endeared himself to the hearts of Zuma;s supporters, in whose eyes judges were "counter-revolutionaries", when, on September 12 2008, he declared the prosecution against Zuma to be invalid and unconstitutional.

No one cared if Zuma was a corrupt polygamist, all they saw was a man done a great injustice.

A man of the people. Unlike Mbeki, approachable. To reward him, the people spoke and voted him in.

All hail President Zuma.