Youth must vote to ensure accountability

The progressive youth of South Africa have a record of transforming this country's political landscape.

In 1976, the youth of South Africa confronted the monster of the apartheid regime and in doing so, black children and youth lost their innocent lives and history was changed forever.

Black children and youth of that time were fighting against an unjust system, but the system continues to deny today's young people the opportunities that those children rightly fought for.

Black children today are still misled by forces that they battled against during that period.

Today is election day and the progressive youth have a responsibility not to betray the legacy of the youth of 1976, not to betray the legacy of Tsietsi Mashinini and the legacy of Solomon Mahlangu.

The youth should go out in their numbers to vote for the progressive forces of democracy that fight everyday for black children to be recognised and given the dignity they deserve.

The ANC government has done a lot for the country, although a lot still needs to be done.

The youth of South Africa must make sure that all that still needs to be achieved is speeded up. They can do this by voting for this liberation movement and making sure that the party is held accountable for service delivery.

Patrick RampaiWolmaransstad