'Please just marry me'

Cecil Motsepe

Cecil Motsepe

ANCYL leader Julius Malema yesterday spent the afternoon chatting on the newly launched political mobile groups (mig33) ahead of tomorrow's general elections.

Sitting in his Luthuli House office in Johannesburg, the controversial politician appeared to be having fun interacting with curious civilians in cyberspace.

Among the mailers there was a young woman who declared her love for Malema.

"I adore you. I have a lump in my breast. I wish you could meet me. I am a decent girl," to which Malema replied: "Get better, we need you to vote for the ANC on Wednesday. I will meet you."

Malema, who was clearly fascinated by some of the comments, said he was not offended by the latest Nando's radio adverts which appeared to mock his accent.

"I have commissioned lawyers to look into the whole thing. I want to see if I can negotiate a share of my royalties from their profits," he said with a broad smile.

Malema also launched a scathing attack on DA leader Helen Zille, calling her a racist who "did not know what she was talking about".

He also reaffirmed the ANC's commitment to free and quality education, quality primary health care and job creation.

The mig33 site was launched to give political parties an opportunity to engage with technology-savvy young adults during the elections.

"The mig33 is an open community and all parties are welcome to join and set up their mobile groups," said mig33 chief executive Steve Boom.