Malema asks Nandos for some change

Zinhle Mapumulo

Zinhle Mapumulo

Controversial ANC Youth League president Julius Malema says he is not offended by the latest Nandos election advert, but wants the chicken outlet to pay him royalties for using him.

Malema said yesterday he had spoken to his lawyers about the advert.

"They are looking into the situation to see if we can cash in on it and make a living out of it. I have no problem with the advertisement because Nandos is trying to be creative. But if they use me they must pay," said Malema.

In the advert, a man looking like Malema and is referred to as Julius is interviewed about the choice of meal he had bought at Nandos. He explains that he chose it because he wanted change.

Malema said he would have been angered by the advert had it prejudiced him in any way.

"As people, we should learn to laugh at ourselves sometimes. The advert has not done any harm to me or my performance in the political scene. To me any publicity is good and if Nandos wants to promote me they can, as long as they pay," he said.

Malema, who is infamous for speaking his mind without thinking about the consequences, said he did not dwell on people who hate him or think of him as arrogant.

"I know that I'm a humble person who is not afraid to speak my mind. I can be persuasive sometimes but I do allow people to debate issues with me," he said.

Asked if his often arrogant utterances were forced down his throat by the ANC to distract away from Jacob Zuma, Malema denied this.

"Whatever I say about a person or situation reflects my own views. The ANC has no hold over me or anybody for that matter."