ANC gave me respect, dignity

It is about time that Jacob Zuma and the ANC were left alone by the confused Helen Zille and the spineless Cope.

Zille has completely lost the plot because she claims that Zuma is running away from prosecution.

I fail to understand why the DA and Cope criticise selectively: They criticised Judge Chris Nicholson for what has now been proven (NPA's decision), yet they say that the ANC, and Zuma in particular, have no respect for the rule of law.

They have run out of a campaigning tool because Zuma has been cleared. May I remind them that whites will always protect whites.

I don't care what they say about my ANC because what comes out of Zille's mouth is what motivates me to vote for the ANC and to protect my status as a free black citizen who can now tell a racist white where to get off and not get arrested for it, which was the reality in Zille's era (apartheid).

I am now respected whenever I go to a white-owned restaurant because of the ANC. Thanks to the organisation, my dignity is intact.

Make these people eat humble pie Msholozi, my president.

As for Archbishop Desmond Tutu, he has a few days to emigrate because Zuma will be the president of the Republic of South Africa.

Nhlanhla Nkosi, Emalahleni