Turning off the radio

OUT: Mfundo Ntsibande wasn't 'pushed' says SABC's Moyahabo Lesia. 16/04/09. © Unknown.
OUT: Mfundo Ntsibande wasn't 'pushed' says SABC's Moyahabo Lesia. 16/04/09. © Unknown.

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

Three more senior management members at SABC's radio station in Mpumalanga have resigned.

Ligwalagwala FM's marketing manager Mfundo Ntsibande and two long-serving executive producers, Elias Dladla and Slangman Gwebu, have now quit the Nelspruit isiSwati radio station.

Dladla was the executive producer for the agricultural show broadcast every Thursday while Gwebu was a drama producer.

Their resignations come on the back of the shock exit of station manager Vusi "Rio" Mabunda.

The station has more than 1million listeners.

Mabunda resigned amid claims that the broadcaster had given him permission to organise a birthday party to celebrate its 27th anniversary, but later changed plans at the last minute.

Mabunda, who joined the station in 1993, went ahead with the festival "because the cancellation order came too late" to warn all the station's listeners.

The festival attracted about 30000 people.

While SABC authorities say the four were leaving for "greener pastures", insiders at the corporation say the four were "pushed" to resign from the station.

But provincial SABC spokesperson Moyahabo Lesia rubbished these claims as ludicrous.

"These resignations are not related or linked and we regret their departure, they have served the corporation for a long period.

"However, the corporation will not stand in the way of individuals who have decided to make a move in life and it wishes them well in their new careers," said Lesia.