JZ targeting Moseneke

Some parties have claimed that the ANC has used state funds to buy food parcels to woo poor voters.

ANC president Jacob Zuma was quoted as saying that there is nothing wrong when his party uses state money to improperly influence indigent voters to vote for it.

He also said that the parties that have been complaining about this should wait to do the same when they come to power.

Zuma has failed to draw a distinction between the ruling party and the state. He is probably not the only personin the ANC who believes so. State institutions and organs are in a mess because they are used to fighting the ANC's factional battles and settling political scores.

Zuma has also fired salvos at Constitutional Court judges by saying they are not God. His main target is former Robben islander and PAC member Deputy Chief Justice Judge Dikgang Moseneke.

He is also reported to have said that when he is president he will be careful when replacing Chief Justice Pius Langa when the judge retires.

This is a veiled reference to legal guru and erudite law-maker Moseneke, who is the envy of many, especially bumbling yahoos.

Moseneke was not made and will not be broken by Zuma or the ANC. He earned his degrees and is not an AA appointee or BEE recipient. He is also a freedom fighter, who was right to say that it was not what the ANC wanted that mattered but what the people wanted.

Sam Ditshego, Kagiso