Deadly road puts residents in danger

Luzuko Pongoma

Luzuko Pongoma

Residents of Protea Glen Extension 2, Soweto, are living in fear of their lives because of a deadly curve that has been a scene of crashes near their homes.

Last week 11 cars were involved in accidents along Wild Chestnut Street. Residents have had to provide first aid to the injured.

A resident, Tholakele Ncube, said many locals were worried that cars would crash into their homes.

Ncube said residents did not sleep last weekend because they were busy helping injured people and calling ambulances.

"Even the towing cars have set up camp in front of my house," she said.

She said residents had been asking the local councillor to erect speed humps since a year ago but nothing has been done.

Another resident, Ivy Tshabalala, said the wall on her house was destroyed in a crash.

She said she had to rebuild the wall herself because the car owner did not pay her.

Another resident, Thuli Zungu, said when drivers lose control of their vehicles on the bend in Bendile Street they either crash into the wall of her house or that of her neighbours.

"We have erected a railway steel to prevent the cars from moving into our houses," said Zungu.

Johannesburg Road Agency spokesperson Conel Mackay said the ward councillor of the area should call a meeting with the community to determine the priority intervention areas.

"When they have decided they can submit their proposal so that speed humps can be erected," he said.