DA campaign is anti-change

Political parties have been trying to convince South Africans to go out and vote for them on April 22, and it has been exciting.

The ANC has done a marvellous job so far, with its election machinery visible on the ground and really engaging voters on issues relevant to the day and beyond.

More than ever, we began to see the potential of the ANC in engaging the people, despite unreliable and unstable polls.

Despite this lovely political atmosphere, there has been a nuisance in the form of an opposition party leader who has been going on and on about Jacob Zuma and his perceived unfitness to run the country, and his immorality.

If I were a potential DA voter I would really be worried about such a person wanting my vote. Helen Zille does not say what she stands for, other than lampooning Zuma.

Each time she speaks I feel like puking on my TV because she says nothing intelligent and convincing to say.

Zille's "Stop Zuma" campaign suits her racist business friends who are anti-change.

The NPA decision has taken her stupid rantings to another level, and I am sure to the dismay of her lieutenants and (garden) boys.

Her textbook politics are not applicable in this country.

Folathela Botipe, Sedibeng