Angry pensioner to boycott polls because she does not get grant

Kanyane Elizabeth Tsebana. 16/04/09. © UNknown.
Kanyane Elizabeth Tsebana. 16/04/09. © UNknown.

Moyahabo Mabeba

Moyahabo Mabeba

An angry and frustrated Limpopo pensioner will boycott the general election.

Her gripe is that Home Affairs officials and ANC community leaders have ignored her pleas to rectify her wrongly printed ID.

Kanyane Elisabeth Tsebana, 63, pictured, of GaNchabeleng village was born in 1946. She was supposed to have started receiving her social grant three years ago when she turned 60.

However, because of her wrongly printed ID (her current ID says she was born in 1954) she will have to wait another four years to qualify for the grant.

Tsebana said no one in her family is employed. She said it was painful to see people of her age getting their social grants.

"What is happening to me is unfair and painful. When I visit Home Affairs, they just look at me and repeat that I am not the only one with an ID problem," she said tearfully.

"I have explored other avenues but all my efforts have drawn a blank. I have also engaged ANC leaders but their promises have been just that - promises. So I have decided not to vote.

"I will stay home instead of voting for an incompetent government," she said.

Her family survives on money she gets from playing fah fee and selling snacks.

Ngoato Nchabeleng, a local administrative clerk in the Department of Home Affairs advised Tsebana to revisit their offices at GaNchabeleng with an affidavit - accompanied by at least three people who she grew up with to corroborate her age.