Poor service threatens polls

Michael Sakuneka

Michael Sakuneka

With six days to go before the general elections, villagers at Bolobedu in Limpopo have threatened not to vote because the municipality has failed to provide them with basic services.

The threat by residents of Morapalala, Mookgo, Madumane and Mabjepilong villages follows claims that the municipality has provided few services over the years.

Residents of Mookgo Block 6 say they get their water from wells and rivers, but that it is tough in winter as the wells dry up.

They say they face the risk of contracting cholera and other water-borne diseases as they share water with animals.

At Mabjepilong residents claim that the municipality this week started delivering water with tankers after the intervention of a councillor.

A community leader in Morapalala told Sowetan that residents installed a water supply network in 1995 with donations from the Mvula Trust.